Medicinal properties of Saffron spice

The medicinal and medical properties of Saffron spice have been investigated by elders such as Zakaria Razi, Ibn Sina, AbuReyhan Iris and scientists of the past centuries and have been prescribed for the treatment of jaundice, liver reinforcement, nerve relaxation and strengthening physical and sexual strengths. It is said that Saffron spice is effective in combining useful potions to strengthen mind and memory and strengthens nerves. Consumption of syrup and Saffron tea relieves fatigue and is uplifting.

Nowadays, Crocin, which is one of the extractable components of cellulose in Saffron spice, is effective in the treatment of learning weakness and memory. Recent research conducted at Fukuoka University in Japan has shown that the weakness of learning and memory in mice caused by the cell significantly decreases in the presence of coronavirus.In this study, it has been observed and concluded that disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and parking, which are directly related to the central nervous system and cause memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease and motor disorders.

In Parkinson disease, regular injection and proper dose of Crocin extracted from Saffron from such disorders in old age and those who are susceptible to this disease due to hereditary problems can be it prevents some consideration.

Saffron has anticancer properties and strengthens the heart and stomach.