Parts of the plan

The Crocus sativus has several parts which makes it up as a whole.
Some of these parts are the root, onion, shoot axis, leaves, flowers and the gynoecium.
The root of the plant has short, single roots which grow from the base of the plant bulb.
The onion, on the other hand, refers to the onion roots on the mother bulb which is surrounded by a network of fibrous sheath remnants from the previous year's leaves.
The Crocus sativus also has a shoot axis which can grow up to be 8-25 inches long.
The leaves of the Crocus sativus has about five above-ground protective sheets while a total of 20-60 leaves can be present per flower.
In regards with the flowers, there are no specific numbers of flowers the Crocus sativus can have yet each flower is known to have six petals each.
Lastly, the gynoecium refers to the deep-seated ovary of the plant which has many seeds.
And since the Crocus sativus is asexual, in order to reproduce an onion or tuber must be