About us

As a leading supplier of premium Iranian Saffron and medicinal herbs in Iran since 1996 are pleased to state that our company is acting as a wholesaler of original Iranian Saffron and do not offer retail sales and always competitive in quality and all price wise.

Since the establishment on 1976, the company is developing and expanding with strong paces and nowadays Sadran has one manufacturing site in the region spread across South Korea where our primary market is located.

Besides this market, our premium Iranian Saffron are present in many other African and Asian countries and we are seeking to enter new markets in particular European countries as well.

The high flexibility of our management department and the experienced experts in our RD department are always cooperating with our customers to deliver the best products with tailored properties for very competitive and reasonable prices. We have a wide range of Saffron e.g., in which are being used in pharmaceutical, food supplements, food stuff sectors and many others.

Our Saffron are processed and packed with the best machines, controlled in our well – equipped laboratories, surveilled by our customer care department to comply with the specification of the destination countries what makes us unique and the best in our field.
We believe in the human power and therefore we have the best team of well experienced, engineers and skilled workers integrated into one body to achieve our goals.

Our customers are precious to us and their satisfaction is our top priority and together with our customers, we develop and supply the best and expand our horizon!





History of Saffron

Saffron is a plant of the family Iris whose scientific and botanical name is Sativus Linnaeus crocus. This plant has beautiful purple flowers and a stigma in a spicy .

Saffron and Health

according to research by the Italian Academic Center, Saffron is effective in regulating the function of visual cells and protects vision cells against damage

 How to use Saffron?

Ground saffron can be used in Persian recipes, like the rice crispy dish known as Tahdig, as well as many polows (layered rice dishes) and stews.

Types of Saffron

Saffron is a product from a plant that is known as Crocus Sativus.The plant blooms once every year and is so delicate that it needs to be harvested manually and manually.