Good Saffron feature

Pure Saffron has a red cherry color, a bitter taste and a pleasant flavor. The natural state of Saffron stigma is trumpet form, the upper part of which is peg shape and ends in narrow bottom and white root. Saffron's specific compounds include color combinations, aroma, odor and flavor compounds that determine the percentage of these compounds only by precise laboratory equipment and can be measured by food industry experts in the laboratory.

The results of these compounds are an important factor in determining the price of Saffron and accurate compliance with national and international standards determines its quality.

For Saffron, which is paid for low weight, observing its standards and paying attention to Saffron producers is very important.

How to distinguish the original Saffron from fakes?

In this section, we are going to look at how to distinguish the original Saffron from fakes. Stay with us until the end.
1-Saffron strands are trumpet form and do not matter how the harvest was made. In any case, it must maintain its shape.
2- Saffron color is one of the ways to detect its proper quality, put 4 or 5 strands of Saffron in hot water, high quality Saffron starts releasing yellow pigments and after 30 minutes its color gradually becomes pale orange. But fake Saffron immediately turns into dark orange and gradually darkens and floats in the water.

After putting Saffron in one half cup of water, it should keep its shape after a few days, if after this time Saffron starts to open like tea leaves, then this Saffron is fake.
Sunlight has a devastating effect on Saffron and this product should be picked before 8 am to have the ultimate taste, because sunlight causes burning, drying, loss of taste and fragrance. After harvesting, it should be dried immediately to prevent deformation.

In this industry to reach the right density for counterfeit Saffron with those materials such as paraffin add so after adding water if you see some fat on the surface of the water this Saffron is fake.The best temperature for keeping Saffron is the temperature between 17 to 22 degrees and the dark parts of the house, away from moisture.